Summer 2008 Classes

BIOL 1009 General Biology, Professor: Cheryl L Scott

EE 2011 Linear Systems and Circuits, Professor: Paul J Imbertson

EE 3940 Global Seminar Engineering and Research in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Professor: Gerald E Sobelman

Spring 2008 Classes

EE 4111 Analog Electronics Design with Operational Amplifiers, Professor: Ted K Higman

EE 4233 State Space Control System Design, Professor: Thomas A Posbergh

EE 4363 Computer Architecture and Machine Organization, Professor: Gerald E Sobelman

EE 4951W Senior Design Project, Professor: Prof Bethanie J Stadler & Advisor: Tianhong Cui

Fall 2007 Classes

EE 3161 Semiconductor Devices, Professor: Stephen A Campbell

EE 4501 Communications Systems, Professor: Jaekyun Moon

EE 4741 Power Electronics, Professor: Ned Mohan

EE 4743 Switch-mode Power Electronics Laboratory, Instructor: Patrick McGary

EE 4940 Practical Programming and Scripting for Engineers/Scientists, Professor: Jaijeet Roychowdhury

EE 4970 Practical Programming and Scripting for Engineers/Scientists Lab, Instructor: Bin Lin

EE 5811 Biomedical Instrumentation, Professor: James E Holte

Summer 2007 Classes

EE 3025 Statistical Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor: Abolghassem B Mahmoodi

MATH 4606 Advanced Calculus, Professor: Karel L Prikry

Other Semesters

EE 4701 Electric Drives, Professor: Paul J Imbertson

EE 4703 Electric Drives Lab, Professor: Paul J Imbertson

EE 3102 Circuit Electronics Lab II, Professor: William P Robbins

CE 4101w Project Management, Professor: Randy Carlson

EE 3601 Transmission Lines, Fields and Waves, Professor: Jim Holte

EE 3115 Analog and Digital Electronics, Professor: William P Robbins

EE 3101 Circuit Electronics Lab I, Professor: William P Robbins

EE 3015 Signals and Systems, Professor: Abolghassem B Mahmoodi

EE 2361 Intro Microcontrollers, Professor: Charles Leon Renolet

EE 2301 Intro Digital Design, Professor: Larry L Kinneylet

EE 1301 Intro Computer Systems, Professor: Charles Leon Renolet

EE 2001 Inro Electronic and Electrical Circuits, Professor: Paul Jay Imbertson

EE 2002 Intro Circuit and Electronics Lab, Professor: Paul Jay Imbertson